Korti in Kortilya, in short: the birth of the film market

An even richer fifteenth edition”Korti in Kortilya, In short, cinema”, a historic festival dedicated to Italian and international short films, which will take place at the Palau des Culture in Catania from 15 to 17 September. The film market is an important novelty of the event organized within the framework of the Catania Summer Festival, organized by Mayor Enrico Trantino and organized by the Visione Arte Cultural Association, artistic director Davide Catalano, and the municipality with the Department of Culture and the Catania Film Commission. .

Production companies, distributors, cinematographers, Sicilian film commissions, European finance consultants, as well as film tourism and location experts will be the protagonists of the new Film Market space, a center of communication and meetings created on the impressive terrace of Palazzo Platamone. in the “Corti in Cortile” area called “Spazio Franco Tomaselli”.

Production and post-production, legislation governing logistical aspects, copyright or methods of obtaining and using public funds, as well as film tourism and distribution: the aim of the festival is to create a place that, following the European film market, Berlin represents a valuable opportunity in the panorama of Italian film festivals bring filmmakers, producers and the whole chain of actors involved in the creative and production process into contact and interact with some of the most influential interlocutors in Berlin. the sector is ready to provide explanations and information.

The project at the Catania Film Market, supported by the Department of Culture, headed by Paolo Di Caro, was developed during technical tables coordinated by the head of the Catania Film Commission, Sabina Murabito (who is also a member of the prestigious jury of “Corti in Cortile”), as well as the artistic director and creator of the festival Davide Catalano.

“A general proposal,” emphasizes the Catania Film Commission, “which is in the field of development and promotion of culture, art, cinema, especially among young people, which is being implemented by the administration headed by Mayor Trantino. Particular attention is paid to attracting professionals and cultural figures of the region to the project, which plans to offer them the opportunity to confront each other and participate not only outside the island, for which special thanks are expressed to Sicily Film. Commission”.

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