Kourtney and Travis reveal the gender of their son in video

Kourtney Kardashian and travis barker They are definitely not discreet, on the contrary they have based their image as a couple on big parties and explicit gestures, always in favor of the camera. In line with the Kardashian Jenner family. After announcing pregnancy at Los Angeles concert of blink 182The gender reveal of the unborn child in front of thousands of people, and this one is no less.

Special Announcement (including attention to detail)

The sun is shining in Los Angeles. courtney and travis, who married in 2022 with several ceremonies and parties – the first in Santa Barbara California, the second in Las Vegas and the grandest in Portofino – sit behind a battery. After all, he is the drummer of Blink-182 and the icon of an entire generation. Around them, we can imagine and hear off-screen friends and relatives, looking forward to,

Drum roll for suspense…

Travis began playing “live” drum rolls. Suspense increases. then the sky turns colorful sky blue: The 47-year-old musician and the 44-year-old socialite are expecting a baby boy. it’s his eldest, strongly sought and sought. They celebrate by kissing for a long time, relatives and friends shout with joy. It cannot be denied: the child has not yet been born and already has the character of one. reality showAs is tradition in the Kardashian family.

big party

was announced after big partySome images of which are shown by the future mother Triss in her stories. All in black and white, but she was dressed in blue and the cake was blue too. Maternal Intuition or Hope? In any case, the comments of the video posted on Instagram are an explosion of affection, happiness and Congratulations By family, of course, but also by fans of the couple who have been following their movements for some time now.

extended family gets bigger

The unborn baby will join an extended family made up of Kourtney’s children Scott DisickMason (13), Penelope (10) and Ren (8) and Travis have what Shanna Moakler: Landon (19) and Alabama (17). According to the latest news, all of them are very happy to have a younger brother. It is impossible not to wonder: what would they call it? We will know in the next episode…

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