Kourtney Kardashian and other stars who revealed their pregnancy in surprising ways

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are expecting their first child and the announcement came with a hilarious quote, but it’s not the only one in the history of the stars. Do you remember Beyonce?

can’t say that kourtney kardashian Hasn’t fully learned the lesson of his very popular family in being talked out of even the most intimate revelations. The latest example happened on June 16, when the reality star revealed she was expecting her fourth child with her first child. new husband travis barker, And he did it in the least traditional (and most innovative) way possible: while was attending a music festival A member of her husband’s band, Blink-182, Kourtney held up a sign at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles that read: “Travis I’m pregnant!(Travis, I’m pregnant). A funky and unconventional way to break the news to the father-to-be? Of course yes, but much more.

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In fact, the quote is basically a quote from a video by Blink-182 himself, all the small things from 1999, in which a fan is seen attending the band’s performance while waving a sign with the same inscription. “Somebody’s about to have a baby!” One of the group’s mates, Mark Hoppus, said from the stage, and that it was not a bout, was confirmed by the hero himself. A post shared on Instagram.

The two, who married in Portofino in a Dolce & Gabbana total look in May 2022 after an electric engagement and friendship of many years past, are trying to have a baby and have been through the second season. reality show ** kardashian** Kourtney Kardashian’s attempts to get pregnant are said to be thanks to artificial insemination. After giving up this method finally here is the good news. But this is not the first time celebrity announce your pregnancy to the world In ways that range from the surprising to the picturesque:

Serena Williams at the Met Gala

Is one of the latest stars to reveal her future as a mom to the world Serena Williamsparaded at the last Met Gala in New York Wearing a form-fitting black Gucci dress that left no doubt about her plumpness. After retiring from the scene, Williams quickly reiterated that she wanted to have a second child with her husband. alexis ohanianAfter the birth of the first daughter Olympia in 2018. And she then confirmed it on her social networks: “I was so excited when Anna Wintour invited all three of us to the Met Gala,” she wrote.

Rihanna at the Super Bowl

even a few months ago Rihanna stunned the world with his performance duringsuper bowl halftimeprobably the most watched television program in the world: not only did the singer return years later to perform with a medley of her greatest hits, but, between one ballet and another, she was able caress now famous baby bump, The artist already had a child with his partner A$AP RockyRZA called Athelstan Meyers in 2022 and now the two will soon be making an encore.

Royal baby

Members of the royal family are always talked about, but this time with great tenderness. In January 2023, in fact, princess eugenie (Prince Andrew’s daughter) announced her second pregnancy on Instagram with a photo featuring firstborn Cole husband jack brooksbankBrooksbank, August Philip Hawke, kisses her womb in a familiar and cryptic context. The newcomer, who will be born later this year, will be thirteenth in the line of succession in line for the British throne after his brother, but would have no royal title other than the canonical “Master” or “Miss”.

cardi b on stage

rapper cardi b She’s not very subtle when it comes to telling her own news. And it was no less with the unveiling of her second pregnancy, which happened during a performance BET Awards 2021Performing a duet on stage with the band Offset, of which her husband is a member migos (from whom she has since separated). they did through a bodysuit studded with crystals However, only the round abdomen was left exposed. Even eldest daughter Kulture’s previous pregnancy was revealed on TV, but this time during Saturday night Live,

katy perry videos

It has to be typical for singers that they want to announce their future motherhood to their fans in the most obvious of ways. in May 2020 katy perry he did it none other than full music video: After keeping the strictest secrecy all along, the singer reveals in her song clip that she’s going to give birth to daughter Daisy Dove never wore whitein which he reveals the long-awaited baby bump, It seems the only person she knew before that video was Harry Styles, who she met on the plane.

beyoncé first

but none of this is striking baby reveal to exist without it makes sense primeval momentThe revelation that stunned viewers around the world: He beyonce, Queen B performing in 2011 Video Music Awards of 2011 with her song love on Top And only at the end of the performance did he casually open his Dolce & Gabbana jacket and then gently stroke his stomach. it was a sign that there would soon be Eldest daughter of husband Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, even announced twin sir and rumi It happened in a very public way, with a beautiful Instagram photo that showed Beyoncé surrounded and bedecked in flowers.

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