Kourtney Kardashian breaks Instagram teaching imperfection natural


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Kourtney Kardashian is breaking the social networks after climbing a photography in bikini where they showed the naturalbecause I do their stretch marks. Act that was immediately applauded by the users.

The followers of the famous assured that are tired of seeing bodies “perfect“thanks to the tweaks that are made in the contents that are uploaded by Instagram.

The image revolutionary was shared through the account of his lifestyle brand Poosh. In it she posed onboard a boat with a swimsuit color black and some dark glasses.

The stretch marks became visible on his hip and his buttocks, so they were the perfect complement to cause a stir.

“I love when we see stretch marks on bodies normal”, “Wow, without retouching. In fact you can see their stretch marks, and this is what it looks like a real body. I love you”, “Thank you for not editing your stretch marks”, is read among the comments of the publication.

For the samples of love and acceptance of real bodies, Kourtney responded next to an emoji smiling: “I love my small lines”.

According to different media of the source of shows Kourtney who just turned 40 in April and has three sons, among all the Kardashian this is the most natural one and has remained so with the passage of time without operations or treatments ends.