Kourtney Kardashian confirms his resignation of his reality show family


The entrepreneur Kourtney Kardashian surprised all of his followers with the tremendous news of his output of the program of “Keeping up with the Kardashians“because of the great fight which he starred along with his sister Kim.

Kourtney and Kim, during the first episode of the eighteenth season of the series, staged a fight fairly violent and it caused a lot controversy in social networks.

Many thought that such discussion had been plannedbut today it was announced that things really were not so.

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It seems that this fight was that caused that officially Kourtney announced the disclaimer program of your family.

It was by means of the official account of Instagram of Kourtney unveiled the news, as he shared a picture next to a emotional message where it explains the strange and uncomfortable it is to watch the fight.

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It is difficult for me to see these first two episodes, but it is in our darkest moments that the growth occurs. I finally had the courage to change what no longer was bringing me happiness and put my time and energy on what is… Choose happiness!”, he wrote Kourtney.

The fight emerged in the last few minutes of the first episode where Kim you claims her sister have not gone to a fashion show, the reason for this was because Kourtney had a sore throat, later this became a great peelthey came up to the blows.

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This caused many disputes and reviews as they started to accuse her of violent, aggressive, and many other things.

A year ago it had been announced that Kourtney I no longer wanted to go out more in the program, since he confessed that he was tired of exposing your private life to all the people in the middle of the show and finally made the decision to do so.

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Kourtney unveiled for the first time in the television audiences for the series 2005, Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive in which donated the money generated with this program to the charity.