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Kourtney Kardashian explains her ‘special friendship’ with Addison Rae

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    I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the same question. If you’re a klan fan, you’ve seen that Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae have been friends for a long time and since Kourtney makes a cameo appearance in the new ‘tiktoker’ movie, ‘He’s all that’, would Rae also come out on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’? Well, that same has not arisen the doubt, but we tell you the same.

    Well, yes, the famous user of TikTok (and the highest paid of the social network currently) has come out in the last season of the ‘reality’. And the reason is, to the very least, implausible. The family, with Khloé and Kim Kardashian at the helm, gathered the tiktoker to openly ask him why his strong and reserved friendship with Kourtney, even going so far as to ask if they were Bundled. Yes, yes, bundled. Rae, in addition to having a few laughs, denied it and allowed herself to be overwhelmed with questions from the ‘klan’, who would have invited her by telling her that her best friend would also attend the meal. Come on, a full-fledn trap.

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    Now, during the new episode of ‘KUWTK’ aired last Thursday, it was Kourtney herself who faced the question and answered Khloé and Kim. Her sisters, meddling in everything, are literally us. First he reprimanded them for locking rae up and later explained that “his friendship with this [20 años más joven que ella] it’s not that crazy.”

    “I understand your curiosity. We both have the energies aligned. I feel like I have the heart of a young person and the soul of an old person. I get the feeling that we all have a very good circle of people around us and they are all of different ages.”

    Going further and answering the million-dollar question, of whether there was or is anything between the two, Kourtney claimed that this is nobody’s business, even though Rae had already denied it in the lockup she prepared during a Kardashian lunch. He concluded: “I don’t think everyone has to understand my relationships with all my friends.” She then invited the queen of TikTok to join her sisters for some homemade dances.


    As we have stressed, Addison he denies it, but this didn’t stop Kim from wanting to know more and even went so far as to ask his nephew Mason (Kourtney’s eldest son) about where Addison sleeps when he stays home, to which Mason replied, “In my mother’s bed.”

    The truth is that, considering that this was recorded a long time ago and that today the relationship between Kourtney and Travis Barker is confirmed, we could intuit that now they are not together but Kim and Khloé have their ‘point’: what if between Addison and Kourtney there was something else? Did you think so? They also tell something else in future chapters of the ‘reality’. Maximum ‘Salseo’.

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