Kourtney Kardashian hints that the pandemic coronavirus is a divine punishment


Without giving too many explanations, the sister of Kim Kardashian shared on his account of Instagram a disturbing quote from the Bible regarding the reasons that explained the plagues and other catastrophes, which, supposedly, sent by God to mankind in remote times, and in order to punish them for their behavior unseemly, as well as to alert them to the consequences of new deviations.

In the message posted by the celebrity, a mother of three children with her former spouse Scott Disick, special emphasis is placed on the need to resume the prayers to appease the most high, and show a sincere repentance for the future: “Every time I send an epidemic on my people, if I pray, repent and turn away from the vile acts that have been committed, will I hear from heaven, will forgive their sins and make their land again to be prosperous,” says an excerpt.