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Kourtney Kardashian proves skinny jeans aren’t dead

From the family clan, Kourtney kardashian It has been the one that has starred in the most campaigns in less than a week. He first made it clear that when it comes to undies cotton staples, his favorites are the ones he wore next to Megan fox for SKIMS, the brand of lingerie and loungewear from his sister, Kim. On this occasion, he does it again to enhance his favorite denim pants.

As part of the campaign ‘Find The One‘ from Good american, television personality, Kourtney kardashian, posted a preview sporting the skinny jeans that starred in all our combinations during the 2000s. It is a line of denim which will go on sale to the public at the end of September, under the supervision of Khlo√© Kardashian.

What are Kourtney Kardashian’s favorite jeans?

It is well known to find some jeans That they fit our figure perfectly is not an easy thing and that when we find a model that we love we know that we have found a port to which we can continue to return again and again. Medium rise, narrow and tight to the body, the skinny jeans sneak into the trends of 2021, although they have yielded (momentarily) their leading place.

That ideal silhouette finds it Kourtney kardashian in some high-rise skinny jeans in light blue. It’s about the model Blue 508, the same one that she looks in the photograph she published on her Instagram account lying on a bed in cream and sand tones. The light colors contrast with her long black hair, which she wore loosely, favoring the natural waves of her hair. “I think I found the one,” he wrote as a caption to accompany the publication.

Even though they are the baggy jeans, frayed and slightly baggy those that monopolize the great trends of this and next year, the skinny They will continue to be a safe bet in our wardrobe because we already know which ones are the best for us and the tricks we can use to get the best out of them. Of the street style they have not gone away and finding a copy in any of our favorite brands is a sure thing.

Wear them in solid colors, especially blue, as did the American businesswoman on this occasion, it is one of the favorite ways to incorporate it into our outfits this year, leaving aside those washed out for now. Definitely knee vents are back. And for those looking for a middle ground, the slim jeans, a mix of skinny with straight, they will be the ideals.

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