Kozel’s rock summer 2023 is underway

Two years after its Italian debut, Kozel, the Czech beer whose icon is the savory billy goat Olda, will go on tour for an “absolute rock” summer

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it’s been two years KozelThe well-known and award-winning beer with a Czech passport made its debut in Italy, enriching the premium range of the Birra Peroni product portfolio. And it is aboard the goat “Olda”, which has always been the iconic mascot, that this beer is ready to “go on tour” to give a rock shock the summer of 2023 to Italians. In fact, this is the area that Kozel has decided to lead with a program of sponsorships and events that will make the sultry evenings of the holiday season in our country fresher and brighter than ever.

It starts in the Tuscan capital Firenze Rocks on June 17 and 18Where the heart of Kozel’s goat Olda beats to the beat of real timeless music legends like The Who, Tom Morello and Maroon 5, After this the tour of Kozel will continue Milanwhere on stage i-days milan coca-cola 2023, At the La Moura Hippodrome, from June 30 to July 15, it will be possible to experience the thrill of whirlwind performances signed by the artists Travis Scott, Capo Plaza, The Black Keys + Liam Gallagher, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arctic Monkeys. These first two stops of the Kozel tour have been created in collaboration with GroupM’s live communications unit, Access Live Communications with the Activation and Live Engagement part. It doesn’t end here. Kozel, for full month of july will be in tarvisiano to make the boxes shine no borders music festival Who Bostel, Ben Harper, Mannarino, LP, Badass Anansie and Micah.

forever July 5 to 12kozel will raid beer Pistoia Blues Festival to accompany the great guitarist’s performance Steve Hackett, Did Baustelle and the romantic intensity of the notes of Damien Rice. it continues, from July 4 to 10 with original Arezzo Main/Go Music Fest With a line-up that satisfies every taste and that will alternatively see the best of the Italian music scene on stage, ranging from Rosa Chemical, zen circus And like things To Baustelle And Hymnpassing through planet funk And Alan Sorrenti,

Kozel Tour finally closes Empoli, August 24 to September 1 Together beatfestivalwhere indie superstars like me Franz Ferdinand And the struts I will share the stage with rising stars of the Italian music scene like french saint They little men,

,The decision to keep Cozel’s name and flavor with the great music festivals of the Italian summer was born out of an alternative relationship. Kozel has become synonymous with fun and light-heartedness, even a little cheeky, ever since it made its debut in 2021, a 14-meter placed in the heart of the solemn “Milanese city” in Piazza Gai Aulenti With a tall wooden goat. , giving you the joy of the village where she was born, and which, as the establishment said, “she takes in”. Two years later, so it seemed natural to us that the goat, Olda, was present in the temples of the whole entertainment. all sections of the public that are the great Italian music festivals ”, they have declared francis bandelliMarketing and Innovation Director Birra Peroni. Not only that. On the many stages of this “Full Speed” tour, our presence will be characterized by activations and events that will engage the public in completely surprising and unprecedented experiences.”, concludes Bandeli.

So this summer, Kozel will be “a star among the stars”. In fact, two years were enough to create this beer, already known in 48 countries, a reference name in the Italian beverage sector. Produced at the Birra Peroni factories in Padua and Rome – but in full compliance with the original recipe created 150 years ago in the Czech Republic, in the small village of Velké Popovice – this premium beer has already won

Present in more than two million Italian households and all mass distribution points of sale. A milestone that has exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. His secret? Firstly, its unmistakable character that is wonderfully refreshing and full of flavour. The character of the village where she was born and which she carries within herself. A village that, this summer, is the rock heart of the whole of Italy.

Kozel, the beer that takes its name from a billy goat, originated in 1874 in Velké Popovice, Czech Republic. Already present in 48 countries around the world, Kozel comes to Italy in premium lager (4.6% vol) and dark lager (3 .5% vol), universally recognized for its pleasant drinkability and unique taste, So much so that they have received over 200 awards for their quality. Loyalty to the original recipe, use of highly selected quality ingredients and fun characters make it the most popular Czech beer in the world. Produced in Cozeille, Italy, at plants in Padua and Rome, Birra joins the Peroni brand portfolio, thus consolidating its position in the international premium ligers segment.

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