Kraven the Hunter: Trailer Shows a Connection with Spider-Man

sergei kravinoff Going to knock on the big screen. a standalone film about kraven the hunter In development since summer 2018 sony pictures character who wants to be the next chapter in the shared universe Spider Man (without Spider-Man). So far three films have been released in Sony’s Spider-Man universe, including poison And Venom: Let There Be Carnage who have the strongest ties to the Spider-Man universe. morbius saw the character of 2022 Jared Leto make a brief reference to the symbiote, but the only noticeable crossover occurred in the film’s post-credits scene, which sawvulture Of Michael Keaton (a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man franchise) suggests a sinister alliance.

While the links between these films are sparse, they all point to a common denominator. Spider Man, Venom: Let There Be Carnage even features Peter Parker Of tom holland in a news report during the post-credits scene. official trailer of hunter kraven It had no apparent connection to Venom or Morbius, but featured a shot that referenced the protagonist’s arachnid foe.

Kravens appears at the end of the trailer Aaron Taylor Johnson Stand in a forest as hundreds of giant spiders descend from the top of the trees. Kraven watches in worry as the spiders make their way to the ground.

This frame is probably just a visual allusion to Spider-Man, but there’s reason to believe it could lead to a specific link. Kraven gained his animal instincts when, as a child, the blood of a lion seeped into one of his open wounds. If the spider-infested forest is in the same place, one might imagine that it’s the radioactive spiders that get their hands on OsCorp while biting. Peter Parker and turn it on Spider Man,

It’s an absurd guess, but crazier things have happened in Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

hunter kraven Will hit the theaters on 6 October. You can read the official synopsis below…

“Kraven the Hunter is an awe-inspiring story of how and why one of Marvel’s most iconic villains was born. Before his infamous vendetta against Spider-Man, Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays the titular character in this R-rated film.”

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