Kraven – The Predator, here is the first official trailer with Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who probably not everyone knows is British and not American, may have decided that he had enough of dying in the movies he was in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2012) Recently, spoiler alert, bullet train (2022), whereby he decided to no longer be a victim and become raven – hunter,

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As you may know, Sony Pictures is creating a universe of characters from the Spider-Man universe, of which it still technically holds the rights, where Peter Parker not only doesn’t appear but it’s not even the spring that made him exist. Gave the reason for so we had two hits poison (2018, 856 million worldwide against a budget of one hundred million) e Venom – Rage of Genocide (2021, with a budget of 506 million one hundred and ten) and the third chapter of the announced future, followed by the less successful morbius (2022, 167 million against the budget of seventy-five, but nothing prevents him from returning as a supporting actor in other films). In recent days, Sony Pictures has revealed its new anti-hero. web, raven – hunter,

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Kraven first appears in the comics Spider Man n.47 April 1967 with the name of Sergei Kravinoff. Kraven was born as an adversary to Spider-Man and other Marvel superheroes, but being a man for whom honor is everything, he often transitions from villain to anti-hero (in short, he is like Venom). kills the bad guys). In the comic, the Marvel universe’s bounty hunter uses a potion of mysterious herbs that gives him superhuman strength and the ability to withstand very strong shocks, such as falling from a building. As you can see from the trailer, their origins start out similar to the comics, with their father Nikolai Kravinoff (Russell Crowe) raising Sergei and his brother Dimitri (Fred Hechinger, The Pale Blue Eye – The West Point Murders, 2022, on Netflix) How to Be a Brutal Hunter. Frustrated by what he perceives to be Sergei’s weakness, he leaves him to die, but in a change from the comic, it is a lion’s blood that gives him the power to bond with other animals (perhaps the lion was radioactive ). So Kraven decides to use his superior skills to become the bounty hunter, but beware, this story is set before the famous comic story arc. kraven’s last victim by JM DeMatteis and Mike Zeck, published from October to November 1987, where Spider-Man became Kraven’s favorite victim.


Calypso (Ariana DeBose, in addition to Russell Crowe west side story2021) A voodoo priestess with a (more or less) sentimental link to Kraven, her brother Dimitri was destined to become a villain named the Chameleon, Christopher Abbott (owner2020) in the role of the villain “Lo Straniero”, originally the Deathstroke of the Marvel universe and above all Alessandro Nivola (jurassic park 32001) as Alexey Sytsevich, better known as Rhino, is also seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) played by Paul Giamatti but in a very different version than what you’ll find in this movie.

During a press preview, Aaron Taylor-Johnson said that the film is firmly grounded in reality and that everyone knows how ruthless and a perfect killer Kraven is, so the film is definitely a r-rated (only accompanying minors) and in fact Sony has only released one type of trailer, the red beltwhere the blood flows freely. raven – hunterDirected by JC Chander (triple frontier2019, on Netflix) and written by Art Marcum (unresolved2022) and by Richard Wenk (three equalizer with Denzel Washington) is expected to arrive on October 5, we leave you with the trailer in Italian and in the original language and attention, in the future it will arrive madam webwith Dakota Johnson (trilogy of fifty shades of gray) and Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria on HBO).

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