Kris Jenner criticized for filtering photos and videos at 67 years old

NoDespite her 67 years, Kris Jenner wants to look like a little girl. But using image retouching filters makes his face look artificial: and fans notice.

Social media has become the perfect virtual place to showcase luxurious lives, flawless faces and sculpted physiques. In that Kardashian sisters and “matriarch” Kris Jenner they were the undisputed reference model. Success, money, beauty even at the cost of a few tricks. However, it seems that recently Chris has gone a little overboard in his desire to always look young and in great shape, despite the fact that he is 67 years old.

Kris Jenner’s “unreal” face

Her makeup artist Samer Khousami, shared a video on Instagram in which the “momager” looks so “fake” that it annoys the fans themselves. In the clip shared by Howsami, with the caption “Momager @krisjenner for today #glam #sumerhousami,” the Kardashian matriarch’s face, a mother of six, looks unnatural. smooth, completely free of wrinkles and skin defects. In the video, set to a song from the reality show “Kardashian,” the influencer wears an elegant polka dot dress and large hoop earrings. But what stunned fans was the star’s “plastic” appearance.

Chris fans: “That’s not his face”

“What the hell is going on, that’s not his face,” one user wrote. Another questioned whether the video was a creation of artificial intelligence. Some accused Khousami of over-applying his makeup and making Kylie’s face look completely artificial using post-processing filters on the image. Some note the paradox that the makeup artist uses a filter that hides the makeup itself.

The choice to appear “perfect”

Kylie Jenner, like the Kardashian sisters, is often accused of excessively using filters in photos and videos in an attempt to hide the signs of aging. These perfect and shiny images were too functional for their millionaire empire. Khloe Kardashian he has publicly stated that he “loves a good filter.” His sister Kim Kardashian she was filmed during their reality show while she stayed up all night “editing” her photos.

Social networks and distorted self-esteem: an open problem

Not just celebrities and influencers, but many “regular” users are now massively using retouching tools like Photoshop and FaceApp to edit their photos. However, the desire to always look cool and attractive can lead to a distorted perception of one’s beauty (which should be a subjective fact) and age, creating a dangerous gap between the virtual and the real, especially among the youngest people. The image presented on social media by ourselves and others often does not reflect reality, it is an artificial construct implemented on the web stage. From this point of view, finding a balance between the desire for a desired image and acceptance of oneself and others becomes far from an obvious task.

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