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Chameleon and talented, but at the same time controversial and outsider: Kristin Stewart either you love it or you hate it. With her multi-faceted personality and precise ideas that she is not afraid to share with the world, she has often found herself at the center of controversy and criticism. And yet the actress, a former child prodigy, boasts amazing career for his age and achieving countless professional goals.

But he is always in the center of attention and in the center of various discussions. personal life. Between cheating and coming out, the young star often drew attention to herself and her partners. Let’s find out more about Kristen Stewart and her new boyfriend bridelike all of him past love.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are the most popular vampire couple

When we talk about the love of Kristen Stewart, we can only start with her love. historical ex-boyfriend. It’s clearly about a colleague. Robert Pattisonamong other things, co-star in the film version twilight saga. Their love began right on the set of the first film and will last as long as the saga (but will live forever in our hearts).

Young, handsome and talented: Robert and Kristen They were there couple of moments! Everyone wanted a piece of their story, although the actors always tried to keep it all. Restrained. These two did push and pull over the years, namely from 2009 to 2013, judging by Kristen’s recent statements, it seems that this was real for her lightning strike. The actress Spencer succumbed to the undeniable allure of the vampire Edward and then fell in love with them. young and fresh.

Unfortunately, the story flopped in 2013 after Kristen found herself in the arms of the paparazzi. Rupert Sanders. Apparently, the actress is faced with difficult moment after the release of this “scandal”. Everyone called her a prostitute, without mitigating the circumstances of her young age and even hindering her career. In any case, Rupert lost the marriage, but she definitely left Robert, breaking the hearts of the most ardent fans.

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Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Stella Maxwell: a story of ups and downs

After breaking up with Pattinson, the Charlie’s Angels actress a few flirts. Among them we note Michael Angaro AND Michael Pittthen startled everyone by declaring himself bisexual. He began dating several women, including Alicia Cargil and actress Soko. And all this before meeting with the one whom she herself called “real love”.

Kristen Stewart is engaged to a model Stella Maxwell from 2017 to 2019. Two had one stormy relationship consists of ups and downs. Picked up and left for a while, went to cohabitate and then they said Goodbye definitely. Stella later also had a relationship with the singer Miley Cyrus.

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Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend Dylan Meyer are going to get married

After a brief stint in solitude, Kristen Stewart has found a new girlfriend. Kristen shows up today happy and satisfied in the arms of his current partner, i.e. Dylan Meyer. Jailbird’s job was: Kristen and Dylan met on the set of a movie (didn’t say which one) and then started dating in 2019. The first paparazzi appeared in the same year, shortly after the end of the relationship with Maxwell.

Between Dylan and Kristen it was immediately love, according to stakeholder statements. two girls doing fixed pair for years and they seem to be ready for the next step. In fact, the couple announced upcoming weddingwhich we are all looking forward to. “I want this to be one very relaxed. I don’t like the idea of ​​someone walking us down the aisle, we’ll just stand facing each other and exchange wedding vows,” she said.

However, unfortunately they do not want to announce in any way wedding date, choosing to live this magical and romantic moment with friends and immediate family for life. We can only wait for their further announcements!

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