Kristen Wiig: 10 best films of the actress

Kristen Wiig has repeatedly proved that she can enter into a variety of roles.

Kristen Wiig she is, for good reason, one of the most distinguished actresses in the new millennium. After the first taste of popularity as a comedian Saturday night life, the popular actress spread her wings in the world of Hollywood. Both the directors and the public had the opportunity to appreciate him in different guises, even very different from each other.

In fact, the lowest common denominator is the ability to wear and change clothes. Instead of focusing on clichés, he preferred to test himself in a wide variety of contexts, in a chameleonic way. Below we will get acquainted with ten roles in which Kristen Wiig showed her best side.

1. Adventureland (2009) among the best films of Kristen Wiig

The best films of Kristen Wiig -

Jesse Eisenberg dreams of going to Europe. And he believes that he is on the verge of realizing this when, to his great chagrin, he discovers the financial problems that the family is facing. He decides to work Adventureland, local theme park. Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader confirm special alchemy disguised as parents.

2. Diary of a teenager (2015)

The best films of Kristen Wiig -

In full climate sexual revolution Set in the 1970s, Marielle Heller (author of the original novel) tells the story of teenager Minnie (Bel Powley) in a relationship with Monroe (Alexander Skarsgård), the boyfriend of her mother Charlotte (Wig).

3. How to Train Your Dragon (2010) among the best films of Kristen Wiig

The best films of Kristen Wiig -

Among the many roles received in the animated film genre, the most beloved is the first “How to Train Your Dragon”, in which he dubs Brutalhead. Here, young Viking Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) embarks on a long journey to become a dragon hunter.

4. How to Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World (2019)

The best films of Kristen Wiig -

Kristen Wiig solidified in the third act How to Train Your Dragon. The film won an Oscar and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Feature.

5. Friends of the bride (2011) among the best films of Kristen Wiig

The best films of Kristen Wiig -

If there was only one job to figure out who Kristen Wiig is, maybe she would choose Friends of the bride. AND Annie, Lillian’s (Maya Rudolph) best friend, who competes for bridesmaid at her wedding to socialite Helen (Rose Byrne). She added to her commitment to the camera those behind her as co-writer, earning her an Oscar nomination.

6. She (2013)

The best films of Kristen Wiig -

In a dystopian story set in the near future, Kristen Wiig wears a maskAlien in the game. This is one of Theodore’s (Joaquin Phoenix’s) first sexual fantasies before he fell in love with the new OC Samantha (Scarlett Johansson).

7. very pregnant (2007)

The best films of Kristen Wiig -

There are no small roles, there are small actors. Although Kristen Wiig limited herself to a simple cameo role, she appears on screen asambitious colleague Alison (Katherine Heigl).

8. Survivor – Martian (2015)

The best films of Kristen Wiig -

More than 630 million dollars collected at the worldwide box office, seven Oscar nominations, two Golden Globe statuettes. In one of Ridley Scott’s must-see gems, the protagonist is Mark Watney (Matt Damon), an astronaut who was left on Marsbecause he was thought to be dead. Kristen Wiig plays Annie MontroseNASA media relations officer.

9. Together forever (2014)

The best films of Kristen Wiig -

With a colleague from SNL Bill Hader, takes center stage in the independent film United Forever. The two play the role of twins who, having lost sight of each other for the past ten years, realize how short life is to let old personal grudges tear them apart. Fleeing from death on the same day, they are given a second chance at life’s drama. middle age crisis and the importance of family ties.

10. Whip it up (2009)

The best films of Kristen Wiig -

Experiencing its heyday in SNLWiig was cast as Drew Barrymore in Whip it up. In the feature film, based on the novel of the same name by Shauna Cross, he reveals his face Maggie Mayhemcombat figure skater, rival of the main character Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page).

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