Little Culture is certainly not the first, but it won’t be the last celebrity daughter to showcase a very expensive luxury item. The daughter of Cardi B and Offset celebrated her fifth birthday on Monday, July 10, and for the occasion she wore a Barbiecore look that included a very expensive $25,000 Hermès Birkin bag. Kultura wore, along with her bag, a small dress with a pink tutu and a pair of sandals with silk ribbons wrapped around her leg.

Cardi B immortalized her daughter in a series of Instagram snaps showing her in an all-pink outfit and sitting in front of a fuchsia piano. “My little girl is five years old,” the rapper wrote on his profile. “Happy birthday my beautiful princess. It’s nice to see my little girl grow up, but I’m a little sad that my little girl is no longer my ‘little’ little girl.” Under the post, fans commented with amazement and admiration on the girl’s luxurious handbag, replicating the version of the sequin-encrusted rainbow Birkin gave her for her third birthday. Thus, it would seem that Culture is following in the footsteps of her mother, who keeps a series of rare and expensive bags from Hermès, Chanel and others in her wardrobe, mostly donated by Offset.

Photo credit: Instagram profile @iamardib

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