Kun Agüero joins the VALORANT World Cup as co-streamer

(KRÜ Esports)
(KRÜ Esports)

From December 1 to 12, the VALORANT Champions, the world shooter from Riot Games. KRÜ Esports will be one of the 16 teams that will seek to be crowned in the competition and will also be a squad that represents Latin America. The most important tournament of the circuit does not want to leave anyone out in its first edition and it was known that will have a luxury participant: Kun Agüero himself.

A year ago, Kun announced the birth of KRÜ, the organization that he created and constantly promotes. During their first year they took more than one firm step in the esports scene and the work they sustained and promoted during 2021 led them to say present at the VALORANT World Cup.

Before the start of the World Cup, through the shooter’s regional account, the list of content creators who will participate in the tournament as co-streamers was known. But if the workforce made up of big names in the region was not enough, there was still a surprise. “Sergio Kun Agüero joins our roster of co-streamers and will broadcast the KRÜ Esports games. You will be able to see all the Champions League matches on our official channels, and those of KRÜ together with Kun ”, they explained in the announcement.

“The impact these things have in getting gaming out of the niche concept is huge. My old man does not know what the VALORANT is? But he knows Kun perfectly “, highlighted the user @RkTcaster on Twitter, looking at a key aspect of Kun’s involvement in the scene. Far from the idea that some (few) still hold about gaming and esports as marginal worlds, they are two pillars of the entertainment industry that do not stop growing and assert themselves as true sources of creation of proposals, languages ​​and experiences that the new generation take as priority.

In this way, the most important competition of the year for VALORANT will be accompanied by one of the most popular figures in the world, who also knew how to see (and in a different way) the potential that esports had and have to follow. expanding.

KRÜ is in Berlin with the team ready for its first crossing and with the aim of leaving everything to lift the cup: “it would not only be my dream and that of the whole team, but that of the entire region. It would be a very important step to put LATAM in good shape for 2022″, Klaus had told Infobae in the previous one. “It’s amazing how the region grew so much and all I have to say is a heartfelt thank you for banking us for a whole year. We are going to leave life on each map to try to win this Champions League “added.

The World Cup will begin on December 1 (08 MX, 11 AR / CH, 15 ESP) with the cross between Vision Strikers and Full Sense. KRÜ, after a time change, will be one of the protagonists of the last match of the second day with Team Liquid. The Latin representative will debut at 14 MX, 17 AR / CH, 21 ESP.


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