Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott back together? Let’s clear things up

Kylie Jenner posted a video saying she misses her ex Travis Scott, but is it really what it seems? Let’s find out together!

On tik tak Recently, a very special video has surfaced that has caught the attention of many people. Kylie Jenner posted a video on a sub account where says he misses the former Travis Scott. But is it really so? Let’s analyze the facts together!

Going into Kylie Jenner’s (alleged) secondary profile, we can see a few questionable things. First, we see that this account undoubtedly has verified profile on the platform (which cannot be purchased, as is the case with Instagram). But let’s not stop at first sight, because also already the bio profile looks a bit suspicious. In fact, the girl promises us a gift right off the line.”Kylie Cosmetics“. The same is offered to us in the three videos highlighted in the profile.

Then let’s analyze the video! We can say for sure: they are slightly different from the content we are used to from a real account. Kylie Jenner. Indeed, they are indeed very repetitive! In most published TikToks we find written: “Money is loyal, he’s not“. Well, we can say for sure that all these signals make us scream.FALSEagainst this account. So don’t worry: the profile is fake, and the video is most likely old. The spike between Kylie Jenner and Timothy Chalamet it’s still safe!

But how then is it possible that this fake profile is verified? Unfortunately, something similar has already happened. How can we forget when Donato DiCaprio found a message straight from Kanye West among the comments! If you think it’s impossible, you’re right: even so, it was a really good profile, but verified. Even recently there was a fake account Zendaya, much like Kylie Jenner, who doesn’t even have two million followers. So please be careful* and don’t follow the links in these profiles! Protect your accounts and all the data they contain!

(Photo: Instagram and TikTok)

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