Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott parents, not together romantically


Kylie and Travis

don’t get back together


6/26/2023 1:00 am PT

Kylie Jenner And travis scott He definitely has a history — the two kids are proving it — but they’re not working on getting back together… and they’re more than happy to include their young kids in it.

Sources close to the former couple tell us that Kylie is practically 5 years his senior Storm and 1 year Air – Both live in Kylie’s house – but Travis can see the kids all he wants.

Travis spent Father’s Day with Stormi in London, so she’s getting ready with dad, too.

Fans have speculated that Travis and Kylie may have been working on their relationship while Stormi was there. pre-kindergarten graduation earlier this month… but our sources say it was just to support his daughter.

Kylie’s family obviously played a big role in helping Stormi and Airey, but Travis’ family visits the kids as often as possible… and they even attended Stormi’s graduation.

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As far as we know, Travis is not currently dating anyone new although he has appeared in a couple sza‘S performing during their European tour. Kylie was engaged Timothée ChalametAnd take a meal And Get out instead of each other, but there’s no indication that things are getting too serious.

kylie and travis have it divided and i got it get back together in the past… so it’s likely it will happen again, but our sources say This time Feels more durable.

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