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Kim Kardashian reveals how to lift cheekbones Shameshe had a younger sister Kylie Jenner Making full use of the uplifting effect of this makeup. The entrepreneur showed it off on Instagram natural makeup – Chosen by more and more celebrities like Belen Rodriguez and Alice Pagani summer 2023 , The great protagonists of the work are, principally, her cheeks, which appear slightly rosy in the middle, in a shade that contrasts gently with the color (and which accentuates the face). Following the example of the Kylie Cosmetics founder, Cosmopolitan Italy The palette recommends which areas of the face to use blush on and which color to choose for a harmonious, romantic result.

Summer 2023 Natural Makeup News: Where to Apply Blush and Which Color to Choose, According to Kylie Jenner

As can be seen from the pictures posted on social media. Kylie Jenner Use pink blush in the center of the cheeks, just below the lower lash line of the eye and equidistant from the lateral surfaces of the nose and the attachment of the ears. Blush applied in this way, to lightly indicate a concentrated and central area on the cheeks, gives the entrepreneur’s makeup a natural look, as if it were an intrinsic feature of the skin exposed to light fresh air. In order to choose the blush that best complements the complexion, it is good to understand which color best matches the natural tone of the skin. On cool complexions, it is better to use nuances that have a hint of blue, while on warm complexions it is better to use more orange tones. These are not absolute rules; In fact, makeup is above all creativity, art, freedom and individual expression of the self. So breaking the “rules” also applies.

Kylie Jenner news: The best blushes for natural makeup

right away, Cosmopolitan Italy has thought of a few blushes to keep in your cosmetic bag, including powder, stick, and cream products tailored to every skin’s needs and that you can find on Amazon with Prime Days. If it turns out to be dry, it is better to blush the cheeks with a creamy texture, in order to counteract the effects of heat and humidity.

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