Kylie Jenner Doesn’t Know How to Wash Her Face?

Kylie Jenner Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

The socialite was involved in a controversy over a video where she showed an error

Kylie Jenner built her millionaire empire thanks to social networks and makeup, a combination that in these times is simply explosive. Now the smallest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan presumes to be the wealthiest of her sisters and undoubtedly the most popular on social networks.

However, on more than one occasion the networks have played a trick on her, an example of this was when they criticized her for not knowing how to wash her face. And although in her daily routine for facial care she presents step by step how she washes her skin, on one occasion she was pointed out by a video in which she showed that perhaps she did not know the steps very well.

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It happened in the middle of last year, Kylie was promoting her facial care line and wanted to show her followers the benefits of using Kylie Skin. However, it did not turn out as she wanted because it showed that she does not follow the steps to take care of her skin very well.

In addition to the fact that in the video Kylie appears with a filter that does not allow her face to be appreciated, her followers realized that the socialite did not remove her makeup well and did not wash her face for the appropriate time.

Also, traces of makeup were left on the towel she used to dry herself. One of the fundamental steps when cleaning your face is to properly remove makeup. Celebrities like Gaby Espino always point out how important it is to remove all products before bed.