Kylie Jenner gets criticized for her latest photo on Instagram


Kylie Jenner turned out to be in the center of the reviewsthe young entrepreneur has won a large part of his fortune thanks to the industry of make-up, but it seems that in his last campaign, it was not to the liking of many people.

Through their social networks,
Case he shared many
photos and the video’s concept was based on fairy tales and butterflies, to promote his new project, inspired by your child; however, some internet users believe that the photos are too extravagant, and broken the image of the cute of her

Some have left comments on your photos from Instagram and asked him to put
photos of Stormi, because of the
the collection it takes its name, but it looks like that
Case I wanted to brag about their curves.

This is not the first time that
Case you receive criticism when you make it, not only because of the promotion, but that just the fake you came to do this; moreover, they believe that projects a false picture about the slender body in women.