Kylie Jenner Hasn’t Changed Her Whole Face With Surgery

Kylie Jenner has decided to face all the allegations of cosmetic surgery that have been leveled against her in recent years.

during new episodes of kardashianThe makeup mogul talks with sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian about today’s societal pressures and beauty standards, premiering Thursday, July 20 on Disney+.

,I’ve always liked it and still do. One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I’ve had so many surgeries that my whole face has changed, which is wrong. I’ve only had a few fillers done”,

,I see so many girls on the internet who have completely changed. I have also gone through that phase and now I feel more comfortable with myself. But other people can create insecurities in you“Kylie said.

After Courtney compromised, the girl told both sisters that one of her main insecurities as a very young girl came from them:

,You don’t realize how you always talked about my ears, He asked. To which Khloe replied that she only ever commented on her ears because she liked them.

,But I didn’t understand it that way. I always thought everyone made fun of my ears by calling me a puppy… I never tied my hair for five years.Kylie pointed.

,Then I had Stormi and she had ears just like mine and it made me realize how much I love them , I think my daughter is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen…now I wear my hair up on every red carpet.” He added.

Soon after, she said that she is often asked how she is so strong despite people constantly criticizing her and so she revealed what her secret is.

,No matter how much drama I create on social media, I have a great personal life, I have some wonderful kids, friends and family. All these people so close to me know exactly how I feel. i think it’s a beautiful thing,

Kylie Jenner ended her confession with these words, referring to the availability of all her material: “If all this were to disappear tomorrow, I would take refuge in my affections: they all matter to me,

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