Kylie Jenner is planning lavish birthday party for Stormi


When you prepare for parties, this is the clan of Kardashian – Jenner always seem to talk about it, and this time is no exception, and the exception for the smaller of the Jenner, and Kylie, is planning to spend more than 100 billion dollars in commemoration of the anniversary of the small-Stormithat is the fruit of her relationship with the rapper and singer, Scott Travis.

Yet there is not a lot of detail about the plans of a young entrepreneur, it is hoped that the celebration will be something really great in it on the day of his birthday, to coincide with the release of Kylie’s Crafts x, Stormi, is a collection of makeup inspired by, especially at his young daughter. In fact, the collection has not been released yet, and Charlie has organised a ‘small’ celebration in honor of this, where you call upon a a huge garden with tons of butterflies, because they are the main element in the designs of cosmetic.

The limited edition ‘Kylie’s crafts x, Stormi’ it will be officially available starting next Sunday, the 02nd of February, at the international levelthrough the online store, the advantage.

The week-long pre-birthday to Stormi

Such as a birthday party, it is not enough, Kylie Jenner has decided that the best way to celebrate the two year anniversary of a small, Stormi, was to be a week full of gifts. Thus, the socialite has decided to start the celebration a week before the big day, starting with a fun stop in the park.

Followed by a big party in the theme of butterflies, where it Has sought to celebrate the launch of her line of make-up. For now, the people of the business are waiting to see what you have prepared for the small, Stormi, for the big day, because, as has already been mentioned, it will be a celebration of the very costly, in that the Effects and the Individual they are working hard at it. You will be able to overcome the great amusement park they created there in a year?