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Kylie Jenner: list with supposed names for her second child published | Channel U

The speculations caused laughter but, knowing the Jenner, there are two or three that could be real


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A couple of weeks ago Kylie jenner confirmed that she is pregnant for the second time and will have another child with the rapper Travis scott. The speculations of this pregnancy existed long before the announcement, as her activity on social networks changed radically and many fans inspected even the nails of the socialite to verify her theory.

Now that the pregnancy is confirmed, the gossip has mutated and they are concentrating more than ever on guessing the sex of the baby and the name they will give it.

It is in this last area that a list of supposed names for the baby quickly went viral. The uproar is not free if we think that with the name of their first-born, Jenner and Scott broke every possible pool, making Stormi the ideal name and much loved by the fans.

A very popular fan account called @kyliejennerkr, made the first suggestions for the biggest pool this season and put “Raini, Windi, Cloudi, Humidi, Sunni, Dri, Breezi and Coldi”Among the most likely names for the new baby.

Many followers of Kylie laughed at the daring of the names, however, there were those who accepted that knowing the influencer, nothing is so far-fetched and that a good match for Stormi would be Raini and Cloudi, even the most unlikely Humidi.

There are still months to reveal that secret, we will have to wait to find out if the billionaire and the rapper blew up the wall or preferred to give Stormi the exclusivity of having a very original name.

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