Kylie Jenner, love to their followers with the most recent changes in look of


Kylie Jenner it is one of the celebrities who have renewed with more frequency in their appearance. For the entrepreneur, it’s constantly the center of attention for the change in his appearance, from the color of the hair, a different cut.

The most recent the change of the look it has been a hit with her followers on social media, and it is not a bet you fancy. At this time, the socialite has decided to say good-bye to the black and dye your hair a color brown tips on blonde hair, and it has been well-known for its ease.

Jenner also shared on Instagram a selfie with that, if you boast about the new color of her mane. To mark the occasion, she wore a cut out the outfit a black and a leather jacket, which just leads to putting on the socks. Her long nails to stay in the beige color, and wore make-up in colours that nude.

The new vibra“he wrote in the description of the publication, rise in the this past Friday and it has already reached more than 10 million, from the taste, and nearly 70,000 “likes”.

The networks are reacting to the new look of Kylie Jenner

On this platform, more than 150 millions of fans, fascinated by him, they made their impressions on the new image.

“Oh, God. theYou can keep this color forever?”, he said with a start. Another wrote: “This hair is nice too. A third quipped: “Who is it?”; meanwhile, in a room, he said, “Yes!” She’s moving closer to the blonde. This looks like such a bomb.”

Other opinions were:

  • @bangbangnyc: “New to tattoos”
  • @awrabriguela: “Your hair’s all -“
  • @hayden_williams: “This one”
  • @kylieximages: “Oh, my God, that’s finally changed her color of her hair. Wow, it’s so good
  • @itschriscrocker: “Carmen Electra” vibes
  • @shaninamshaik: “Love!”

Right now, the fans are only waiting to see how long they will keep your head toast, or if it’s just a matter of a song, as usual.