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Kylie Jenner mad at Caitlyn for revealing her pregnancy with Travis Scott? This is what we know

After the news broke a couple of weeks ago that Kylie Jenner is expecting her second child with Travis Scott, now the rumor circulates that the famous socialite she’s very upset with Caitlyn Jenner for revealing the arrival of a new member of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Is it true that Kylie is mad at her? Here we tell you what happened.

In the middle of August, Caitlyn unleashed the wave of rumors by ensuring that Kylie Jenner is pregnant for the second time: While campaigning in the middle of the California governor recall election, the 71-year-old Olympian claimed that his nineteenth grandson was on the way. With this, the fans of the businesswoman went crazy, however, before the revelation, the family and Kylie herself were silent, until now, it seems that the socialite expressed her anger at revealing the news of her pregnancy with Travis Scott.

Is Kylie Jenner mad at Caitlyn for revealing her pregnancy with Travis Scott?

Photo: Instagram @caitlynjenner

Although Caitlyn did not indicate which of his daughters was pregnant, it seems that Kylie Jenner does not like that she will reveal her pregnancy so that she’s mad at her for doing it, since it was a topic that I wanted to keep in secret and announce it until the baby was born, as he did at the time with Stormi, according to the media Heat world.

Kylie made everyone in her family swear to secrecy, and even had some of her staff sign NDA. (nondisclosure agreements) (…) then, that your own dad I’ve done that, it’s so blatantly infuriating. [Kylie] I wanted to wait until the baby was born to tell the world”Said the source.

Photo: AP

The idea i had Kylie Jenner to reveal her pregnancy was with a video on her YouTube channelHowever, now that Caitlyn shared the news, everything fell apart, so the socialite is found annoyed with her, the source said.

So far neither Kylie jener, Travis scott, Caitlyn or a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family has confirmed the news of the second pregnancy of the successful businesswoman, however, for fans it is a fact that the couple will give Stormi a baby brother.

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