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Kylie Jenner, one step from the low in her second pregnancy, what ‘happens’?

Our dear Kylie Jenner (24) takes several weeks relatively disappeared of social networks and everything. Although these days she is promoting her long-awaited line of ‘Kylie Swim’ swimsuits on her networks, the truth is that the photos that accompany this advertising campaign would have been taken some time ago, (come on, that with this photo we were deceived) since she she is currently secluded at home, focused on the care of her little Stormi and, above all, resting everything possible in the middle of her second pregnancy.

Despite rumors that, until recently, pointed in another direction, People magazine has finally confirmed that, indeed, the father of the second offspring of the celeb is also Travis Scott, with whom the designer maintains an intermittent relationship in the sentimental but very consolidated in the family. Apart from these gossip, from which she remains isolated, the truth is that Kylie is very excited and excited about her second pregnancy, as her relatives say.

“Kylie is great. Since she got pregnant again, she has had to slow down her work rate to be able to rest more. Even so, she is still very busy taking care of Stormi and running her cosmetics firm. She feels very fulfilled in these. moments and could not ask for more from life, “has revealed a source from his environment to the aforementioned media, before underlining that the pregnant belly of Kim Kardashian’s sister is increasingly visible. Well, let’s see if it peeks through the networks as in the first (although it took it secretly until the last minute) …

“Kylie is on a cloud, very excited and full of happiness. She loves to see her belly grow, and she has not stopped showing off her in front of her friends. Kylie is especially adorable in these beautiful moments of her life”, the confidant has explained.

Although Travis would not be as excited as Kylie and everything about a possible move … “She wants him to be 100% involved in the family and that includes moving to live with Stormi and her,” says the source. The truth is that although the couple resumed their relationship after a few months apart, they had not yet returned to live together. “Travis loves Kylie, but he is still not sure if he is ready to live together and even less with the news of the pregnancy on everyone’s lips.”

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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