Kylie Jenner reveals her intense daily beauty routine

The youngest of the Kardashians used her networks to share with all her followers one of her best-kept secrets

TV star Kylie Jenner doesn’t hesitate to go through extensive cleansing routines on her face every day. However, after taking long trips or dedicating herself to projects in which she remains all day with makeup on, the businesswoman also intensifies this work to fight against the deterioration of the skin.

Kim Kardashian’s sister, mother of two-year-old Stormi with rapper Travis Scott, has a wide range of cosmetic products belonging to her own brand, Kylie Skin, and she never forgets to wash her face every night. before going to sleep. However, when she has more time for herself, Kylie also resorts to masks and, twice a week performs exfoliations to purify the epidermis.

“Nobody has perfect skin, so it is normal and natural that from time to time it has to be treated properly, especially and in my case when I come on a trip or when I have worn my makeup all night at an event. That is why my new collection has been especially good for me for those days when the skin is very stressed. The serum solution and other ingredients work miraculously, it is perfect for any unforeseen event ”, Kylie explained to Glamor magazine.