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Kylie Jenner reveals the sex of the baby she is expecting: advertising, how much you force

It was about a month ago that Kylie Jenner (24) announced, along with the rapper Travis Scott, her second pregnancy. Since then we have not stopped looking at all his publications of Instagram with magnifying glass. Will be boy or girl? The youngest of the sisters has known very well to maintain the intrigue, but it seems that she has finally revealed the sex. Of course, he did it in a very, very curious way. Fans have realized in a riddle plan.

The news of the pregnancy reached the network of the little camera with the typical post published on social networks. Along with the text, some very beautiful images in which you could see a test in which the result was ‘pregnant’ (pregnant in English). Okay very well, but we already knew this. Travis, Kylie and little stormi they are happy with the news, really. In that video we have even seen the grandmother, the almighty Kris Jenner. It was Stormi who broke the news and the matriarch’s reaction is part of the video.

The boy or girl that is born will be the smallest of the whole clan. Stormi is now three years old and surely the arrival of a little brother (or sister, eye) will make you very excited. So much toy and so much slide in the backyard ask for at least two or three more ‘babies’, don’t you think?

What we were going to is that the businesswoman has decided to take this second pregnancy with less discretion than the previous one (in which it had absolutely NOTHING). To do this, he has shared a picture of himself with Stormi and, cha-chan, a few products of his own brand, Kylie Baby. Well, it’s not exactly a brand. It is a range of baby products. Chance? No. It’s called business strategy.

The post has driven more than 270 million followers crazy, but not because of the pontingues. It has been because next to them appear mother and daughter dressed in … BLUE!

The fact that Kylie chose blue looks is, according to fans, the definitive clue about the sex of the baby you are expecting. They have taken very little time to fill the post with comments like “someone is going to have a boy” or “it gives me the idea that he is going to have a boy”. What do you think? White and bottled?

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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