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Kylie Jenner, Rosalía and Addison Rae prove they are Hollywood’s new favorite squad

Kylie Jenner’s new BFF group is made up of the most famous TikToker and singer of the moment, here is the proof of how well they get along!

About some months ago, Kylie Jenner and Rosalía They began a beautiful friendship, and now, the singer of ‘Con Altura’ is part of the exclusive squad of the youngest of the Kardashians.

Since they became BFFs, Kylie and Rosalía have made it clear that they have super similar tastes, and are so close that the young Kylie Cosmetics businesswoman proposed to the Spanish singer. In addition, the artists have worn identical outfits on multiple occasions, in addition to the fact that the Catalan was Kylie’s special guest at Stormi’s party.

Now Ky and Rosalia decided to welcome Christmas together, and they included TikToker, Addison Rae, in their amazing reunion!

Kylie, Rosalía and Addison Rae prove they are Hollywood’s new favorite squad

On December 12, Kylie Jenner and Rosalía enjoyed a fantastic Christmas party with Kourtney Kardashian and the famous TikToker, Addison Rae. Their gathering was packed with gifts, selfies, Christmas decorations, and many cocktails that were accompanied by fun conversations.

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Through Instagram Stories, the stars shared some photos and videos of the fabulous event, where they wore headbands with Christmas details, such as gifts, Santa Claus hats and reindeer antlers. In one of the stories, Kylie and Rosalía say “I love you”, while Addison and Rosalía exchange compliments while taking a photo together.

Social media users went crazy to see this new dynamic trio of a businesswoman, a TikToker and a famous singer, and they did not hesitate to express their wishes to belong to this exclusive group of BFFs!

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