Kylie Jenner takes the pants in a paper bag on Instagram


After a brief recess, the paper bag for jeans they are in the back. It’s the girls how to Kylie Jenner the confirmed, as the business went up for a picture in to your account Instagram under that he wore that style of pants that are as versatile and interesting to you.

In the photo, that is Kylie Jenner went to this social network, you can see that it takes a few paper bag for jeans the color is white. This is one of the most traditional of these pants, which leads to a girdle tied up in them jeans and let it be ruffled with a shot to the very top.

Kylie Jenner has given lessons on how to take it paper bag for jeans.

© Bauer-Griffin

She was involved in a the t-shirt is printed on and is tightleaving the area of the abdomen uncovered, and it is that, thanks to the shot in highthese pants will become your allies perfect, for those times when you want to take it crop topssince it is only able to reveal a very small waist is very feminine, and discreet.

But there is a reason why we say that it ended with the withdrawal of the paper bag for jeansas Kylie Jenner it was not the only one who has opted for this model is from front to back. In the same week Eiza Gonzalez he participated in a show-of-the-art version of the jeans, and without calipers, but with the same cut that combines the silhouette of the couple the mom jeans and it’s a bit of a of skinny denim jeans.

It should be noted that, as a Kylie Jenner, Eiza González combined with their paper bag for jeans a crop topwell, it would be fair to ask if we are seeing a trend on the rise. But on the top, which leaves her abdomen uncovered, are not for thee, and one of the main benefits of this style of jeans it is its versatility.

And the fact is that the paper bag for jeans it can also be combined with a t-shirt fajada bottom of the pants, a loose blouse and a loose (also stay to the inside of the jeans, and this is one of the main keys toor a top of the line balloon sleeves if you want to achieve look and a job.

Eiza Gonzalez do you have a favorite in your wardrobe: jeans

© Chris Wolf/Star Max

The bottom line is that Kylie Jenner and Eiza Gonzalez took this one look the easiest way that can get you in the groove to get a good style at the end of the week, and in both cases, we feel fully paper bag for jeans combined with the shoes.