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Kylie Jenner talks about what her future baby will be called

It was about a month ago when Kylie Jenner (24) announced, along with the rapper Travis Scott, her second pregnancy. Since then we have not stopped looking at all his publications of Instagram with magnifying glass. Will be boy or girl? This morning it seemed that the fans had finally guessed the sex thanks to one of his latest posts on Instagram, specifically in which he announced the launch of her new company, Kylie Baby, with which you are going to market baby products.

In her, mother and daughter appeared fully dressed in blue, something that his followers interpreted as a covert clue that he was expecting a child. In fact, it took them very little to fill the post with comments like “someone’s going to have a boy” or “gives me the idea that he’s going to have a boy.”

However, Kylie is not as predictable as her fans believe, and today she has silenced many mouths and many rumors with the video she has recorded for the YouTube channel of the American edition of Vogue magazine. In it, she answers 73 questions about her life, among which, as is normal, she could not miss any other related to her pregnancy.

“Do you have a name chosen for the baby?”, Asks the editor, to which she responds “For that we have to find out the sex first, and we decided to wait“” And will you tell me the first one when you know it? “, The editor asks again, to which she responds with a resounding” No. “

Well, we are left wanting to know

The news of the pregnancy reached Instagram with the typical emotional video. Along with the text, some very beautiful images in which you could see a test in which the result was ‘pregnant’ (pregnant in English). Travis, Kylie and little stormi they are happy with the news, really. In that video we also saw the proud grandmother, the almighty Kris Jenner. It was Stormi who broke the news and the matriarch’s reaction is part of the video.

The boy or girl that is born will be the smallest of the whole clan. Stormi is now three years old and surely the arrival of a little brother or sister makes you very excited. So much toy and so much slide in the home garden ask for at least two or three more ‘babies’, don’t you think?

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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