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Kylie Jenner teaches us the sexiest way to show the ‘baby bump’

If before I did not want to be seen, now Jenner chose the most public place in the world to show how good this second motherhood felt for her and take being sexy, including belly, to its maximum expression. The 24-year-old businesswoman walked radiantly through the New York Fashion Week activities.

Jenner, considered the youngest billionaire of all time, knows that taking care of the image is everything, that’s why for her first appearance with her baby bump He could not leave any detail loose and less because to show his good progress, he did it in the heart of the fashion universe, the Big Apple.

Look Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner gave a taste of bwn’s npoedens pregnancy

Kylie she wasted sensuality with a skinny minidress, tight (so we could see her belly to the maximum), the style she chose was halter, in a total white look, since she combined the garment with a matching jacket that reached her ankles. She put on translucent heels with white accents and nude, a cat-shaped glasses, silver, small bag and earrings.

Jenner wanted to accompany this publication with an emoji Angel in the title and the responses were swift, all praising how good it felt to become a mom for the second time and how amazing she looks in her outfits that are still ideal for the personality she has always shown.

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