Kylie Jenner wears the graphic ‘eyeliner’, the makeup of the summer

  • Martina Cariddi has sported the easiest point eyeliner to copy.
  • The blue ‘eyeliner’ is the ‘fav’ of the 30-year-old girls and we tell you how to look this summer 2021.

    Kylie Jenner has become an inexhaustible source of ‘beauty’ inspiration. We are flipping because your brand is finally available in Spain and now we will be able to recreate your best fashion makeup. We have fallen in love with her ‘look’ with floating ‘eyeliner’ and now we want to copy another ‘beauty look’ that she just showed us on her Instagram profile.

    At this point, we don’t need to tell you that the ‘eyeliner’ is the perfect product to enhance the look and make the eyes look bigger, right? This time, the ‘celeb’ has opted for graphic delineation, and we want to recreate its ‘make up’ today because it is simply ideal. Yes, it is an option suitable only for the most daring, but it is a lot of cool.

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    If you want to copy your ‘beauty look’ but do not know how to make the line well and fast, do not worry! “This graphic ‘eyeliner’ is very simple to perform,” Ensures Cristina Lobato, professional makeup artist. “The first thing we are going to do is apply a skin-colored eye shadow throughout the mobile eyelid to unify or, even better, a ‘primer’ that helps us unify the tone and lengthen the duration of the ‘eyeliner’,” he adds.

    To perform the delineation, I recommend using an ‘eyeliner’ in gel and a beveled flat brush. We mark the guide first: a line that starts from the lower aqueous line in the direction of the sien until it is connected at an angle to the eyebrow. Once the guide is marked, we will connect that line with the mobile eyelid flush with upper eyelashes. From where we want it to cut towards the upper eyelid, we will mark towards the line of eyelashes, as half a centimeter approximately. With the beveled brush we make the last line that starts from the end of the guide to the fixed eyelid”, says the expert.

    The time has come to finish and polish the ‘eyeliner’. “We moisten a flat brush with micellar water, support it on the tail of the ‘eyeliner’ and slide to correct the inclination and thus make a totally straight, clean and polished line”, recommends the expert. “We curl the eyelashes and, to recreate Kylie’s ‘look’, we apply false eyelashes on the outside to further enhance that almond effect,” concludes the makeup artist.

    Now we finally know how to put on makeup like Kylie Jenner herself!

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