Kylie Jenner’s miniskirt is sexy

“Underwear as outerwear” is a fashion trend that everyone has heard about at least once in recent months. Everything that is usually well hidden under clothing is flaunted as the basis of the outfit. In fact, the underwear is strictly visible, it is not covered with a transparent fabric or even worn separately, and not top and bottom. Of course, this is not the first time that slip dresses, bustiers, briefs, culottes, tank tops and everything related to lingerie come to the fore. This is a trend that cyclically invades the catwalks and conquers the tastes of celebrities, up to influencing the wardrobe of ordinary people.

And for those who don’t want to fish straight out of their lingerie drawer, they can focus on clothing and accessories that evoke the trend with lace and tulle panels, sheer, and sensual weaves of ribbons and cords. In this context, fits one of the latest outfits chosen by Kylie Jenner during a stay in Italy spent with sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian. The outfit in question, shared by the socialite on Instagram, is characterized by a pleated miniskirt with unmistakable boudoir hints.

Fall 2023 fashion: all about Kylie Jenner’s miniskirt

Abandoning cold beige tones, the miniskirt flaunted in social networks Kylie Jenner from the spring/summer 2023 collection of the Turkish-British designer Dilara Findikoglu. The model named Girls don’t crycharacterized by a weave of tone-sur-tone satin ribbons at the front, reminiscent of the typical criss-cross corset lacing.

kylie jenner instagram corset miniskirtpinterest icon

Instagram @kyliejenner//Instagram

kylie jenner instagram corset miniskirtpinterest icon

Instagram // @kyliejenner//Instagram

The rest of the outfit is also reminiscent of the lingerie trend: a satin bustier and a red satin bralette with an American closure and tapered cups, both by Dilara Findikoglu. To complete the ensemble, Kylie opted for two designer accessories: saddle bag from Dior, chosen in red satin, and a pair of sandals from Manolo Blahnik, covered in white satin.

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