Kylie Jenner’s mysterious deal with a makeup company

UNITED STATES.- Kylie Jenner she is the youngest of the famous Kardashian/Jenner media clan. Making use of the fame he garnered thanks to his participation in the family reality show, he was able to create his empire. The same one that today decided to divide to join the chain of beauty brands, Coty.

Jenner started her makeup empire thanks to the big physical change she experienced when she was just having 18 years. The most noticeable thing about it was the bulkyness of his lips. The tabloids speculated on it but the socialite did not respond to suspicions. Until one day, tired of being accused of having plastic surgery, she said that although she has padding on her lips she also achieves that volume with a makeup trick.

It is based on delineating the mouth a little outside the contour of it with an eyeliner that is of the same tone as the lipstick used. That statement gave him the founding idea of his company, because months later he brought out the famous “Lip kits“. In them came a liquid lipstick and an eyeliner of the same tone. It was such a success that the company of Kylie he turned her into a billionaire.

Instragram: Kylie Jenner

After having taken out shade palettes, illuminators, thematic collections of great success and even his own line of brushes. The young woman decided to join a giant of beauty as it is Coty. but For what? If Jenner has amply proven that she can successfully manage her beauty empire without anyone’s help.

It turns out that the sale of half of his brand is not so recent because he has been negotiating with Coty since end of 2019 but only now does it reveal the reason for the sale. The main and most important is that with the union to Coty, Kylie you can take your brand to a global scale. Since the firm with which it was associated is usually responsible for bringing the most exclusive beauty products to Latin American countries.


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