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This week Dillom presented his first studio album co-produced with Die young, called “Post Mortem“. The album has 18 songs and among its themes is”Hegemonic“, a collaboration with L-Ghent, in whose letter they mention Chronicle.

The song has been on the different streaming platforms for three days and despite the fact that it is not the track chosen as the central track, it already has more than 125 thousand listens on Youtube and almost double in Spotify.

The song lasts almost two minutes and in the counterpoint between the two singers the lyrics allude to the football clubs of both, and then Dillom assures: “If he paints the anger that guachín appears in Chronicle“.

The relationship between Dillom and L-Ghent

This is the second collaboration between the two, since in March of this year Elian Valenzuela coat “Tinty Nasty “ with his colleague who has already exceeded 73 million views. “When he came out, it caught my eye, plus we have a similar timbre of voice. Everyone tagged me to say ‘I thought it was you’; and we both have ingenuity in common when writing, in the bars, that he does not usually put much filling. It is usually pure content, in the bars, which is something I like to do, and a little sense of humor“Dillom told Clarion.

He assures that in his songs he always tells a real or fictional story, in which he often uses humor. “Both in your genre and mine, everything is usually very real, sarcasm and irony are appealed to. When someone does that, they are usually “bizarre”, “weird”, or they say, ‘Oh, it’s a parody’ or ‘It’s not true.’ And, it can quietly be a real topic, but with a sense of humor“.

Who is Dillom?

Is named Dylan Leon Mass, but the music world knows him as Dillom. He is 21 years old, and despite what many believe, he is not a native of the Villa 31 but from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Schoolboys.

He began to look for a place in music from the under and during the quarantine he emerged “Post Mortem“, the album that he told, he did for”exorcise your fear of death“After the arrival of the coronavirus. He does not like to be pigeonholed into a musical genre, sometimes closer to hip hop and other times to rock, although the label he least likes is ragpicker.

At the beginning he had more than one idea and came back with him Duki, although he assures that now they have improved the relationship. “Now it’s all good, we were all bad at one point. All very bad. We got a little tired of bullshit; also the scene changed a lot. We realized that we all have to throw to the same side. If we fight among ourselves we do nothing but throw ourselves down. Maybe one day we will talk more in depth, although I think it is not necessary because it was never a real fight that I did something to him or he to me“, he sentenced.

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