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L-Ghent He is one of the artists that currently generates the most stir in the urban music scene and on the occasion of all the successes he achieved during this year, at the end of this month he will give his first show at the emblematic Luna Park stadium where he will sing all his hits.

The leader of the “Cumbia 420participated in the new song “BAR” by Tini Stoessel, a duet in which they mixed their styles and was highly celebrated by the fans of both. The single already has more than 600 thousand listens on Spotify and 13 million reproductions on YouTube. Despite these milestones, not everything is a celebration for the singer, since He would have received a complaint for an alleged theft in the filming of his next video.

As published by El Intransigente, the alleged theft it would have occurred in the floating casino of Buenos Aires in Puerto Madero, location of the artist’s future clip. When the day of filming ended, it seems that some members of the environment of Elián Valenzuela would have taken a bag with several decks of cards and chips that the establishment would have lent them as props for recording.

L-Gante filmed his next video in Puerto Madero.

This It would not be the first time that the honesty of the members of the musician’s team has been questioned a native of General RodrÍguez. When he had a brief crisis with his girlfriend, Tamara Baéz, both shared strong statements against each other, and the young woman mentioned that the acquaintances of her daughter’s father, Jamaica, take advantage of it. “I wish you the best and you can see your daughter when you want and when you can. But I never want to see you again. While you work, bol …, all your friends live on you and you tell your wife that she ‘lives off your rib’. How wrong you were, Elian “, the young woman expressed furiously at that moment.

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