La Consulta at Summer Pride and Lgbtq+ review

The Municipal Council for Rights, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities, whose disciplinary discipline is approved by the Civil Code Resolution no. 51/2023, after the first meeting held in July, has already begun to take steps to participate in meetings and initiatives.

In fact, last Sunday the delegation, together with Deputy Mayor Bertuccioli, took part in the summer pride in Rimini, sharing this important moment with many administrators, associations and citizens.

In addition, last night, the group, together with the Deputy Mayor Bertuccioli and Councilor Vagnini, took part in the screening of the film “Insane” (2022, directed by Emanuele Crialese, with Penélope Cruz) and in the debate on the theme of the opening. gender identity promoted by Cattolica Furura and the municipality of Cattolica.

“These are precious opportunities,” adviser Bertuccioli says, “to demonstrate presence and concrete support in building an increasingly inclusive and welcoming community for all. We are proud that some members of the board took immediate action to do this by participating and offering incentives. the consultation was created precisely to inform and inform, to offer ideas and opportunities to approach without compromising knowledge of the many aspects that concern people. Everyone has the right to be able to live their inclinations serenely and realize themselves. never forgetting that there are still many people who are difficult to understand or who do not accept themselves and feel wrong, suffering in silence.

Events like Pride or Review are for everyone and for everyone to be proud of themselves. The administration’s commitment on this front is at its peak.”

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