La Mala, a new Sky Original series, coming soon

Sky announces La Mala (tentative title), new series Heavenly originalproduced by Sky Studios, GreenBoo Production and MIA Film and inspired by the highly successful documentary series. La Mala. Bandits in Milan about the real stories that shook Milan half a century ago between robberies, attacks, bribes, gambling and kidnappings.

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La Mala it is written Stefano Sardo (1992-1993-1994, Relationship, Invisible boy) With Chiara Battistini AND Paolo BernardelliAlready directors and co-creators of the original Sky Original documentary series, they will tell the story of the dark and complex Milan of the 70s and early 80s, through which gangsters, policemen and reporters moved under machine gun fire. .

Open Crime novel and continued, among other things, GomorrahSkye’s line of great crime sagas resumes with La Mala. A daring and adrenaline-filled story, carefree and action-packed, fierce, but dazzling, like the lives of the main characters of the criminal Milan of those years, which burned out quickly, but with a blinding flash.

In Milan in the 70s and early 80s, a new generation of criminals was born: brave, cruel and lovers of the good life. Stray dogs, as adorable as movie stars, dangerous but iconic as comic book villains.

Names and nicknames are well known: Francis “Angel Face” Turatello he is the one who wants power; Renato Vallanzasca, “Handsome Rene”one who strives for glory; Angelo Epaminondas said Theban he wants to become number one. For fifteen years, until the mid-80s, they first fought a war, and then united, creating a brotherly friendship to the point of being best men at each other’s weddings, entering into blood pacts, and sharing a prison. They are confronted by a decent policeman who keeps his word and who, in brutal Milan, decides to remain unarmed: Achille Serra.

Coming soon exclusively to Sky and streaming only on NOW.

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