La Mona Jiménez’s daughters Lorena and Natalia send a message of encouragement to their father

Carlos “Ramona” Jimenez He was taken to hospital and underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday afternoon. The foursome underwent surgery because of “severe abdominal pain,” according to his son Cali Jimenez. After communication, Their daughters Natalia and Lorena offer encouragement to their dad.

A Message of Encouragement from Mona Ximenez’s Daughters

For her part, Natalia used her Instagram account to remember a photo of the two of them, writing: “You are an oak tree, my old man, and you have so many little angels watching you everywhere”. The publication garnered thousands of likes and comments from fans who wished the Cordoba icon a speedy recovery.

Natalia Jiménez’s message after Ramona’s hospitalization. Photo: Instagram

Meanwhile, Lorena recounts how she learned her father was hospitalized and asked about his health. “I was at a school meeting. Alarm bells were going off. I’m gone, I’m here, I’m good to see you, gastroenteritisthe singer began to write.

He then added: “Acute gastritis, which appears suddenly and destroys. But things are not that simple, time will help us! Life drives you, we take out the broken glass. Cheers and thanks for making it to Pachamama today. I love you”.

Lorena Jiménez’s message after La Mona’s hospitalization. Photo: Instagram

what happened to mona jiménez

Carly Jimenez touched on her father’s hospitalization and detailed the singer’s health. “My dad is fine. Not long ago, he completed an operation due to an accident. severe abdominal pain It’s a result of poor body movement,” Son said.

The foal underwent emergency surgery. Photo: Instagram

the boss is Internship at the Model Cardiology Institute He is expected to be released from hospital on Wednesday. However, the medical staff caring for him still haven’t released any details.

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