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La Nación / They throw stones at the Prime Minister of Canada in a campaign event

The massive request came after Oprah’s controversial interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The singer’s fans did not wait to ask that Winfrey be the one to make the Princess of Pop speak about the hidden side of her career.

After the premiere of the documentary Framing Britney Spears, where various abuses against the singer are exposed, so much so that even Spears’ ex himself, Justin Timberlake, apologized 20 years after their media breakup.

Support for Britney

According to a report from the television program Entertainment Tonight, the pop singer has been very happy for the support of her fans and celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian, Cardy B, Courtney Love, Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus. All have come out in defense after the premiere of the documentary, on February 5.

On the other hand, a source close to the artist pointed out that Britney is considering talking about her past, especially because she does not feel that others should tell her story. “She has always hated doing interviews, but if she ever takes that step, Oprah will most likely be her first choice,” said the source.

Nothing has been decided yet for Spears to agree to participate in this type of media gathering. In addition, he clarified that doing so would have to be under his terms and also under those dictated by his legal custody, which implies that he must have the permission of his guardian.

Everybody wants to know about Britney

‘Framing Britney Spears’ was just the first documentary about the star. Last week the British network BBC Two announced that it is working on an audiovisual special about the singer’s legal battle. And as if that were not enough, Netflix has also commissioned a project on the same subject from director Erin Lee Carr.

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