Lacey Chabert, aka Emma from Hawaiian Waves: all about her

All about Lacey Chabert, who became popular around the world thanks to the role of Emma in the movie “Among the Waves of Hawaii”: did you know her?

During summer programming, major broadcasters often air themed cycles of movies or series to keep viewers entertained (between holidays) despite the suspension of mainstream programming.

All about Emma’s actress in the TV movie “Among the Waves of Hawaii” (Credits: Screenshot Rai Play) –

For the Cursed Love cycle, Paradise 1 programmed the first vision Among the waves of Hawaii, a romantic comedy film released in 2022 directed by Lee Fieldlander. In the story, the main character is chef Emma, ​​who, after falling in love with and professionally disappointed in her chef and partner, decides to return to Hawaii with her aunt. Here he will meet two brothers, another cook and Ben, a surf instructor; workplace surprises and sentimental just around the corner.

The main characters of the film, in the role of the two main characters Emma and Ben, actors Hector Rivera and Lacey Chabert, even more beloved for their performances. But do you really know Chabert? Here’s everything you might not already know about actress Emma.

Who is Lacey Chabert, Emma’s actress in Between the Waves of Hawaii

Born in 1982, Lacey Chabert began her acting career in the early 90s after starring in several television commercials; first of all, he takes part in some television series and series, in order to become popular on the big screen, becoming famous, first of all, for his participation in blockbuster Mean Girls.

Lacey Chabert, actress born in 1982, is becoming more and more famous (photo: ANSA/EPA/NINA PROMMER) –

In recent years he participated in several television films, further demonstrating his talent internationally; In parallel with her career as an actress, she is also engaged in dubbing and modeling, and also initially experimented as a singer. Indeed, Chabert boasts in his biography several participations in Broadway musicals, including the famous Outcasts.

With a clearly visible charm as well as a dream body, she is followed by almost a million followers on Instagram; broadcast on Rai 1 of Among the waves of Hawaii, the number is likely to increase even more. A little about her: in the first season Family man gave voice to (apparently in the original language) Meghowever, she was replaced by Mila Kunis in later seasons.

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