Lack of control and scandal: L-Ghent had to suspend his recital in San Luis due to incidents

Weekend, L-Ghent gave a show in San Luis that was canceled in full presentation due to problems with the public. As it transpired, the fans were so focused on the recital that, at one point, they began to take the stage and overwhelmed the security personnel.

So reported Carlos Monti on Us in the morning: “It was so difficult to contain the people who were struggling to get on that the custody could not give guarantees to continue with the show. There was still half an hour of show left ”.

According to the leaked footage, the stage was filled with lost children and L-Ghent joked: “Little by little we become a kindergarten ”. Although the musician was unperturbed and began to sing with the little ones, a member of the staff announced: “If we continue like this, we will have to suspend and it will be a shame because the boys are not to blame for what their parents do for a simple photo”.

Apparently, adults sent their children to the center of the place to get a photo with L-Ghent, but the situation got so overwhelmed that many fans ended up climbing even the speakers. This culminated in the singer leaving the venue, who after briefly thanking those present left the stage.

“Some misfits wanted to take a picture, touch it and that overflowed security. Three or four were passed above the VIP and it was impossible to continue”, Commented Daniel Flores, businessman in charge of organizing the event.

Marcelo Tinelli’s final strategy to raise ShowMatch’s rating

Marcelo Tinelli revealed through his social networks the proposal he made to one of the most viral artists of all this 2021 to become the sixth jury of The academy from Showmatch at the end of the historic cycle. In addition, the host confirmed that the program will end in December, as it was scheduled from the beginning, despite speculation that it could end in mid-November.

Does L-Ghent have to close the year?“, a follower of Tinelli consulted about the maximum reference of cumbia 420, which is triumphing both in the country and abroad, despite the criticism it receives. After his European and Mexican tour, the singer went through Showmatch and the good vibes prevailed on the floor throughout his presentation. Marcelo Tinelli’s response surprised everyone: “I invited him to be the sixth jury in the finals“.

Although this possibility undoubtedly excites the driver and could mean a strong boost in terms of rating, the truth is that at the moment there is no information on whether L-Ghent accepted the proposal. It remains to wait for confirmation from one of the parties to see this unexpected meeting.

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