Ladies First, Netflix’s super playlist of docu-series dedicated to hip-hop queens

He just appeared on Netflix Ladies First: A History of Women in Hip Hopmini-series from newcomer director Hannah Beachler that explores female hosts, DJs and producers and how they have impacted a genre of music that is 50 years old and still going strong.
Based on a truly explosive soundtrack, we’ve created a playlist to sample yesterday’s and today’s rap and discover backstory, flow, and perspectives that are not just female.

Big energy lato

Alyssa Stevens aka Miss Mulatto and later Latto, on a groove borrowed from genius of love from Tom Tom Club (1981), sings his self-esteem anthem: “It’s basically about this confidence, this strong aura… It’s about believing in yourself. The way we walk, talk and behave reflects who we think we are.” For the remix of the song, Latto collaborated with Mariah Carey, who used Genius Of Love for her remix. Fantasy. “We sipped his black Irish liqueur and enjoyed it,” she recalls.

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Jump Chris Cross

Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith were 13 and 12 years old respectively when they were Jump jumps to the top of the Hot 100 and sells 4 million copies. “When I met them, Chris Cross wasn’t touring demos, they weren’t rappers, they weren’t even trying to be,” said producer Jermaine Dupree. “I asked them: “What do you do?” and they said, “We’re just cool.” I thought, “I need these guys to record quickly.” Jump borrows the bass line I want you Back Jackson 5, there is the fact that the duo is called to open the same year Dangerous World Tour European Michael Jackson and take part in the video Jam.

Freeze me by Cash Doll

Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, also known as Kash Doll, born and raised in Detroit, first came to attention in 2014 with a remix of the song 2 The Hon. from Tinashe and received over 13 million streams with the Brat Mail mixtape. “Freeze me it’s a song to remind men that there are still independent women who can provide for themselves and pamper themselves,” she explained herself, “They can afford to buy their own things, but they still want to be courted and asked out on dates” .

House of Run Run-DMC

Run-DMC combines the stage name of Joseph Simmons and Darryl McDaniels (the third member, Jason William Mizell, was killed in 2002). House of Runthe single they released Tougher than skin – the album is now a classic of 80s rap, but at that time it was treated with suspicion – also samples Clip Ashley Roach soul seekers and Cheerful drummer James Brown. Video House of Run was directed by Peter Lauer, who then also directed the episodes retarded development, Emily in Paris, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and other popular TV shows.

Work Missy Elliott

The song is a perfectly successful mixture: sample glass heart from blondie, Peter Piper by Run-DMC, opens with intro Query string Rock Master Scott and Dynamic Three as well as paying tribute Take me to Mardi Gras Bob James. Part of the chorus is upside down, but it wasn’t meant to be: “It was a mistake to be upside down. The engineer inadvertently touched something and that part went backwards,” Elliot said. – I thought: “This is some kind of crazy, it’s the other way around right in time.” I liked it, and we decided to leave everything as it is.

Wet Snoop Dogg

“When I found out that the royal family wanted me to perform at Prince William’s wedding, I knew I had to give them something. I wrote an anthem for his bachelor party and for all the stag parties in the world. It’s the perfect thing,” Snoop said, addressing his social media post directly to the residences of Princes Charles, William and Harry. The song is an ode to oral sex: it’s unlikely that British royalty would have applauded an R-rated track. David Guetta remixed the piece using a censored title. Sweat AND Don’t you want me from Felix.

UNITY Queen Latifah

In 1993, gangsta rap came into vogue (Ice Cube, Dr. Dre…), often with derogatory lyrics about women who were called “bitches” or “whores”. Queen Latifah at UNITY takes a stand and urges black women to respect themselves and not put up with male violence. Sample Message from the inner city crusaders and unity Desmond Dekker and mentions rapper Apache in the lyrics. “Ever since you saw her video, you want to be a thug bitch,” Latifa sings, “but there is no point in acting like a bitch, real bad girls are silent.” The song won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance.

self-destruction stop the violence movement

This is one of the most important songs in the history of rap. When Lawrence Crisna Parker, aka KRS-One, started the Stop Violence movement, he did it because something very serious had just happened: a fan was killed in a fight after a Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions concert. also takes place after the killing of Scott La Roca in a gunfight. KRS-One features some of the biggest hip-hop stars of the day, with revenue from self-destruction it is donated to the National Urban League, an American civil rights organization that advocates for African Americans and fights racial discrimination.

WAP by Cardi B (featuring Megan Thee Stallion)

The single that in 2020 will sanction a collaboration between two rap queens, samples whores in this house Frank Ski, but it’s so obvious that the video offers a censored version of the text. “The song is so dirty that YouTube said, ‘Wait a minute, this piece is too much,'” Cardi B proudly explained. Shooting during the pandemic required a significant expense to comply with the rules: “We had to spend $100,000 just for testing. This should have been done by all the participants in the filming. In its first week of release, the song set a record of 93 million streams in the United States.

Ready or Not Fugues

Title and chorus taken from Ready or not, I’m coming (can’t hide from love) Delfonix company. “Ready or Not explains exactly where we are. The lyrics say a lot to those who really know about it, but it’s like a street message,” said Wyclef Jean. “When we play shows in Brooklyn, everyone from drug dealers to good guys comes.” Background groove samples the song Boadicea from Enya, but she didn’t really like being associated with a song that said “I’m going to defecate into your microphone”. The song went to number one in the UK and the album sold over 6 million copies in America. Glasses.

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