Lady Gaga sued for $500,000 over dog reward

Lady Gaga

He Takes $500,000 From Discharged Dog-Shaped Lawsuit

10/7/2023 10:30am PST

Lady Gaga I recently won a huge dog award show lawsuit that a woman was trying to get back because the judge told her… you can’t steal your cake and eat it too.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, a judge has ruled Jennifer McBride‘S the singer sued …in which she’s trying to get the court to force Gaga to pay more than the $500,000 reward she’s promised in 2021 to anyone who helps her return her stolen pets.

TMZ Ext. com

The judge said, a major problem with McBride’s trial – he had already been convicted in connection with this offense … was his lack of objection to knowingly receiving stolen property.

Hizoner explained this in the decision, saying that allowing McBride to pursue charges “would allow him to take advantage of his own admitted wrongdoing.” Lady Gaga called it ridiculous…now, the court agreed. aka, uh… oh! The judge said McBride would have 20 days to attempt to change the complaint, but it was unclear how he might find a way around the decision.

will you remember… gaga 2 French have been kidnapped For all to see in Hollywood – taken at gunpoint, no less, and some injuries inflicted on him by LG dog walkers, ryan fisher, That time he was shot and taken to the hospital, but was eventually (thank god) operated on full recovery,

since then his dogs came back …and he didn’t have to pay a single penny of the reward.

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