Lady Gaga sued for not rewarding stolen dogs

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Lady Gaga is being sued by a woman for failing to compensate for the return of stolen dogs. The pop star had offered a large sum of money to get back her French bulldogs, kidnapped in 2021.

Now, Jennifer McBride, one of the 5 people accused of the theft, is claiming her reward.

Woman Sues Lady Gaga For Failure To Repay Stolen Dogs, Who Is Jennifer McBride And What She’s Asking For

The woman who decided to sue Lady Gaga for not rewarding her return of stolen dogs is Jennifer McBride.

It is one of the members of the gang, made up of 5 people, accused of stealing the pop star’s dogs and shooting dog walker Ryan Fischer seriously injuring him.

As reported by the American media, the woman claims the reward, promised by the singer at the time when the story took place.

It seems that, at that time, Lady Gaga offered a generous sum of money to whoever returned the dogs to her, all the while promising not to ask any questions. However, McBride accuses the pop star of breaking that promise and she has sued in Los Angeles Court for never having paid the expected sum of money, thus committing “an action of default”.

In fact, Jennifer McBride took the dogs to a police station a few days after the theft and waited for the promised reward for some time. Now, the woman, as well as complain 500 thousand dollars he also asks one and a half million in damages of various kinds.

At the moment, the singer has not released any official statement on the matter, but very soon she could decide to intervene publicly on the matter.

Stolen dogs and injured dog sitter, that’s what happened in 2021

The pop star’s dogs came stolen on February 24, 2021 in Hollywood.

According to local media reports at the time, dog walker Ryan Fischer was walking the Lady Gaga’s three French bulldogswhen he was approached and attacked by armed thugs.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported a scuffle between the assailants and the pop star’s dog sitter during which a gunshot was fired.

It was Ryan Fischer who was seriously injured who came hit in the chest. The thieves managed to steal two of the singer’s three French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, while the third, Miss Asia managed to escape.

According to authorities, the shot was fired from a semi-automatic pistol before the thieves fled in a white sedan. Fortunately, the dog sitter, immediately transported to the hospital, managed to recover and obtain justice for what happened.

The investigations, in fact, led to the identification of one of the culprits of the robbery James Howard Jackson, sentenced to serve a pen of 21 years in prison.

On the occasion of the conviction of his assailant, Ryan Fisher flew to California and told his version of events, stating:

I was beaten, strangled, they shot me and left me to die bleeding on the sidewalk”.

Then turning to his assailant he said:

You shot me and left me to die and our lives changed forever”.

The dog sitter also spoke of his constant difficulties since the day of the attack, due to continuous lung collapses, constant physical therapy and debts incurred to receive the necessary care as well as the difficulty of pursuing a career.

Despite it all, Fisher forgave his assailantalso thanking him for not having hurt the dogs:

I forgive you and anyone else involved in the attack. You changed my life and I know I couldn’t go on in life if I didn’t say these words to you”.

The assailant admitted his guilt by saying that he had no idea that the dogs were owned by the pop star but that he had stolen them for their value.

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