Laeticia Hallyday back in Los Angeles: at war with Jade, they distance themselves!


On bad terms with Jade Hallyday, her eldest daughter who is having a teenage crisis, Laeticia Hallyday takes advantage of the second, Jade …

We thought she was angry with her new stepfather, she is just at war with her mother. Jade Hallyday would be in the middle of a teenage crisis, according to her family relations with Laeticia Hallyday in recent weeks. The 16-year-old girl spent the New Year in Marrakech, exasperated by her mom, and couldn’t escape the big return to Los Angeles a few days ago.

Indeed, while she is making her return to school, she has been forced to leave her friend Tristan in Paris, with a heavy heart. And while the widow of Taulier tries to sell their house in Pacific Palisades, and intends to move in with Jalil Lespert in the near future, Jade Hallyday, seems to sulk.

Laeticia Hallyday consoles herself with Joy

And for good reason: she was not there, this January 15 for the ballad in Malibu that Laeticia Hallyday offered herself with her friend Christina. And if Joy, her little sister as well in the game, Jade was the big absent from the meeting in the open air.

According to Bernard Montiel, who spoke a few days ago on the TPMP set, the teenager would be annoyed that “her mother spends her life communicating, taking pictures of herself”. And that’s exactly what she did during this trip to Topanga Beach. Stories that undoubtedly exasperated Jade, who must also have read the statement her mom made to Joy. To her youngest, she confided, very publicly this Friday: “I am so lucky and so proud to be your mother”.