Laeticia Hallyday “drunk” on Instagram: this very disturbing publication …


Laeticia Hallyday was unable to travel with Jalil. The actor was turned away by the American authorities … and the last message from the 45-year-old blonde is not very reassuring.

Enivrez-vous , poem by Charles Baudelaire, published in 1864 in  Le Figaro  n ° 937 then taken up in the posthumous collection Petits poèmes en prose, inspired Laeticia Hallyday this weekend.

“You must always be drunk. Everything is there: that is the only question. In order not to feel the horrible burden of Time which breaks your shoulders and leans you towards the earth, you must get drunk without respite,” wrote the poet. 

A somewhat disturbing message reposted by the widow of Taulier who returned home to California, accompanied by her adorable daughters, Jade and Joy. 

Laeticia would seek to make her Instagram community understand that she is not in her best mood? One thing is certain, she can always count on Christina, a family friend who has never turned her back on her. 

As for her romance with French actor Jalil Lespert, she seems to continue to move forward … but the American authorities have all the same slowed down the couple. Sonia Rolland’s ex was not allowed to enter the territory. 

The other quack is that Jade, the eldest, who spent a dream vacation in Marrakech with her boyfriend, he said to himself that she would live very badly with her mother’s new romantic relationship.