Laguna forms association of podiatrists

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In order to foster the specialization of podiatrists practicing in the region, the “Comunidad Podológica de la Comarca Lagunera” association was created, which brings together podiatry professionals in order to create a certified community in the lagoon.

Luis García Ávila, president of the association, announced that there are about 120 podiatrists in the Lagunera region, 95% of whom are learned by experience, and therefore, he said, supporting them would allow It is very important that they receive professional training.

“95% of podiatrists have experiential learning through courses, training, diplomas and what we are looking for through the association is to support them to have a specialized technical career or a degree and then a title and professional licensure, all for the sake of The interests of the people who put their feet in our hands”, he stressed.

The Comarca Lagunera Podiatry Community was founded by podiatry professionals, with Raquel Ileana Hernández Treviño as Vice-President; Vicente López Hernández, Treasurer; Mariana de Jesús Mariana de Jesús Alvarado Atala, Secretary; and Valeria Guadalupe Oropeza García, Member.

What diseases can be caused by improper foot care?

The foot is a busy part of daily walking, running, jumping, climbing, etc., so different types of problems can naturally arise.

Raquel Ileana Hernández Treviño, Vice-President of the Podiatry Community of Comarca Lagunera, noted that the three most common conditions in the Laguna region are Hong Kong foot, ingrown toenail and diabetic foot, emphasizing that for these conditions it is important to seek medical attention promptly. See your podiatrist at least twice a year to prevent these conditions.

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